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Dr. Selznick is an Oral and Maxillofacial surgeon who performs most operations in his office. The office has surpassed the minimum requirements for anesthesia safety and infection control compliance. Dr. Selznick pulls teeth asleep and utilizes the power of the Tuttnauer Autoclave EZ 10 for all his sterilizing needs. You can be assured that your health, safety and oral surgery procedures here in Elko, NV are being performed to the highest and maximal standards of care.

Dr. Selznick is an Elko Dental Specialist, EDS. He is Elko, Nevada’s only Oral Surgeon that lives in Nevada and has raised his family in the Silver State.

Dr. Selznick is the only doctor, oral surgeon, that will treat you.

He takes out thousands of wisdom teeth a year. He can pull your wisdom teeth for $1299 (for patients without insurance). This includes: The exam and consults, the Panoramic X-ray and all 4 wisdom teeth, as well as the anesthesia to put you to sleep. It is that simple. Call us after hours and you can speak with a live person 24 hours a day!

Call 775-777-2622 or 775-777-BOCA. Dr. Selznick speaks Spanish. His entire staff is Bilingual. Se Habla Espanol.

Dr. Selznick loves to swim and compete at the Master’s level, he is an avid skier and has a passion for the backcountry and extreme sports. Dr. Selznick is an avid outdoorsman. He loves to ski, swim, hike, bike and hunt.

He was raised Jewish and is observant. He visits the Middle East often and his favorite cities are Jerusalem, Las Vegas, Elko, Pahrump and New York. He is married and has three children.